9/22/2019- 11/17/2019

Santa Barbara Pony's Fall Ball program offers a developmental approach to baseball in the off-season.  We have designed our program to work with other fall sports by eliminating required week-day practices.  All events will be held on Sundays.  Fall Ball divisions are determined on the following Spring age-chart to allow players to gain confidence in their division before playing the more competitive spring ball. 

Shetland / Pinto


Every Sunday

9:00 am - 10:30am


9/22/2019 - 11/17/2019

Every Sunday starting @ 11:00am

Optional Weekday Practices Starting Wk 3


9/22/2019 - 11/17/2019

Every Sunday starting @ 11:00am

Optional Weekday Practices Starting Wk 3


9/19/19 - Nov

Practice Thursdays, Games on Saturdays TBD

Parent Meeting 9/10/19  Time /Loc TBD

Baseball Swing


The Fall Ball workout is designed as an opportunity for young players to play and learn baseball in a structured and fun setting. There are no teams and no game schedule. The workouts introduce and reinforce key principles of the game, fundamentals and skills, and progress to game situations with fun and competitive play.

Ten 90 minute workout sessions begin the weekend following Labor Day through the weekend before Thanksgiving. Weekly workouts are on Sunday mornings, so there are no weekday practices and minimal conflict with other fall sports.

Boys and girls aged 5-8 are eligible for Shetland / Pinto Fall Ball. This is the ‘league age’ for the following Spring season in the Pinto division. Any local youth is eligible to register and participate. Prior baseball or Pony league experience is not required.

Registration Fee:  $50


We are excited to introduce a new format for our Mustang and Bronco Fall Ball Program.  

We have received much feedback from parents asking for Fall Ball to be more multi-sport friendly.  Therefore, we have removed all week-day practices!  

Weeks 1-2:  Developmental clinic style workout focusing on fundamentals and skills.

Weeks 3-8:  Teams will form and compete in weekly Sunday double headers.  Games will be limited to 4 innings for Mustang and 5 innings for Bronco with a drop-dead time of 1:15.  Coaches may choose to schedule optional week-day practices for further development.

Week 9:  Fun tournament style season ender!

Registration Fee:  $125

Little League Baseball Game


Pony is excited to be partnering with the Coastal Cubs organization.  Practices and teams will be coached by paid, professional, college level coaches. Registered Pony Division players will have the opportunity to try out for the Coastal Cubs Advanced team.  Players that are not ready for that level of play, will work with college level coaches to develop their skills to get them ready to play at a higher level.  Practices for the Development Team will be on Thursdays at MacKenzie Park.  The first four weeks will be solely focus on development and skills building.  The following four weeks will be devoted to games (played on Saturdays).  

We have successfully partnered with the Coastal Cubs in the past, and it has been a wonderful partnership.  The Cubs are led by Tom Myers, Area Scout for the Chicago Cubs.  He brings with him high level college coaches to get your player ready for the next level of play.  

The season will begin on 9/22, but there will be a parent information meeting on 9/10/19 to discuss the program and expectations.

Registration Fee:  $125 + Jersey Fee of $20 due at first practice.    Players may be asked to contribute additional fees towards optional tournament play.  


Our mission is to serve Santa Barbara youth through the game of baseball.

We do so by creating an environment that:

  • Focuses on player development

  • Is fun for all players

  • Teaches life skills through competition

  • Fosters a passion for, and respect for, the game

Each and every kid is our first and only priority.  We honor and respect the game and the traditions of baseball.  We are passionate about teaching the game of baseball to ALL the kids.
We teach life skills through healthy competition.
We make it FUN for all.