Snack Shack FAQ (try saying that 3 times fast…)

What is the Snack Shack?
The Snack Shack is a concession run by Santa Barbara Pony Baseball at Mackenzie Park.

When is it open?
The Snack Shack is open during games, tournaments, and events (like Opening Day) during the Spring and Fall seasons.

What does The Snack Shack sell?
Drinks, protein bars, sandwiches, salads, candy, gum and other items.

What’s it like working in the Snack Shack?
It’s easy and fun. You count out Bazooka bubble gum pieces. You make change. You meet lots of nice players and their parents.

Do I have to work a shift if my child is playing baseball?

Because Pony is a volunteer organization, run by and for the families it serves. The snack shack is a convenience for the patrons of the fields, and fundraiser for the league, helping to defray the cost of equipment and improvements. In short, it’s part of the “deal” you signed onto when you became a Pony parent.

Why do I have to give you a $150 deposit?
Because, while we love and respect everyone, experience has demonstrated that some folks are OK with missing their snack shack shift for good reasons, and not so good reasons, which means the league loses the money that would have been made during that shift. Having a deposit at stake greatly reduces missed shifts. As Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.”

What if I don’t want to work at the snack shack?
No problem. You can “buy out” your obligation. Just write us a check for $100 at the beginning of the season, and you’re off the hook – easy!

Who do I make my check out to?

Santa Barbara Pony / SB Pony 

Who do I give my check to?

Please bring your check to evaluations.  Or, give to your coach at the first practice.  

Will you cash my check?
Only if you miss your shift. Once you work your shift, we destroy your check, and life is good.

What if I’m sick, out of town, or abducted by aliens?
Your coach will provide you with phone numbers and/or email addresses for the other parents on your team, some of whom will likely be friends. Make a call, send an email, trade with someone. It’ll all work out.

We are expecting to have some rainouts this year, especially early in the season.  Please do not assume your shift has been rained out.  You will hear from a member of the Snack Shack Committee and the field closure list at will be updated.

If you cancel your shift with less than 10 days’ notice, it is your responsibility to make sure the shift is covered.  If the shift goes unfilled, your deposit check will be cashed.  If you sign up for a shift and are unable to work, please contact your team to find someone to cover your shift.

Our mission is to serve Santa Barbara youth through the game of baseball.

We do so by creating an environment that:

  • Focuses on player development

  • Is fun for all players

  • Teaches life skills through competition

  • Fosters a passion for, and respect for, the game

Each and every kid is our first and only priority.  We honor and respect the game and the traditions of baseball.  We are passionate about teaching the game of baseball to ALL the kids.
We teach life skills through healthy competition.
We make it FUN for all.